Ousted president sues NIC and three trustees

The wrongful termination lawsuit comes only nine days after trustees ended Rick MacLennan’s five-year tenure as college president, on a 3-2 vote.

Kustra won’t run for office, but he will speak out about Idaho politics

“I wouldn’t waste my time trying to run as a Republican here because I couldn’t get elected in a Republican primary these days,” said the former Boise State University president, who laments the GOP’s rightward shift in recent years.

Idaho is in trouble unless we chart a different path

Idaho’s majority party is almost unrecognizable. It’s influenced by extreme-right organizations bullying their way into Idaho politics.

IBE’S 2021 legislative scorecard shows lawmakers’ votes on key education Issues

Of the 105 senators and representatives, 25 lawmakers voted 90 percent or more in support of the issues Idaho Business for Education identified.

How federal vaccine mandates affect Idaho education

Staff of at least two schools and a baker’s dozen Head Start programs will have to get the jab.

Analysis: State leaders sound tired, at the worst possible time

As Idaho hospitals face an unprecedented calamity, the consistent message to voluntarily get vaccinated and wear a mask is sounding weary — as if it is shouldering the weight of much of our collective COVID fatigue.

Conservative lawmakers talk about banning vaccine mandates, but lack a quorum

Republican state representatives descended on the House floor after rallying anti-vaccine-mandate protesters on the steps of the State Capitol Wednesday.

Lawmakers could return to Boise Wednesday — but they’re unlikely to accomplish much

“The COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ has been weaponized to create division and mistrust among neighbors,” Rep. Heather Scott, R-Blanchard, wrote last week. But it’s unlikely that House members will be able to take any concrete action Wednesday on vaccine mandates.

Analysis: Will lawmakers embrace, or ignore, McGeachin’s task force?

The lieutenant governor’s education task force needs the Legislature — specifically, like-minded conservatives who hold considerable sway at the Statehouse — because the group is otherwise short on allies.