Ybarra, Critchfield, Durst to appear at ISBA forum

State superintendent Sherri Ybarra hasn’t announced her re-election plans, but she will make a joint appearance with her would-be opponents later this month.

A letter to the House Education Committee from an Idaho superintendent

As the leader of this school district, I can confirm with great conviction that the Basin School District’s preschool curriculum does not contain Critical Race Theory as alleged by Rep. Dorothy Moon.

Public records show McGeachin billed nearly $17,000 for her own legal fees in records lawsuit

Taxpayers are not on the hook for the latest invoices for McGeachin’s own legal representation, McGeachin wrote in a letter to a budget analyst from the Legislative Services Office on Monday, according to documents obtained by the Sun.

Statehouse roundup, 1.31.22: Liebich defends schools against ‘vocal minority’s’ criticisms

MORE INSIDE: The Senate Education Committee passed a bill designed to upgrade school employees’ health insurance, and two scholarship proposals were introduced.

Green defends U of I, blasts ‘conflict entrepreneurs’

On Friday, the University of Idaho released an independent report from a Boise law firm, which found no evidence of systemic indoctrination on campus.

Veteran former member of the Idaho House returns to fill Senate vacancy

Sen. Julie VanOrden, R-Pingree, is a former chairwoman of the House Education Committee who served three terms in the Idaho House of Representatives, until she was defeated in the 2018 Republican primary election.

Freedom Foundation politicians are gunning for Idaho public schools

Idaho public schools have provided a free education to kids from every economic level, faith, race, creed, political outlook, whatever, since 1890.

Idaho’s superintendent must be a model for all of Idaho’s children

Mr. Branden Durst is a poor fit for the office. He apparently does not understand that all educators must always strive to be models of self-control.

Profane exchange between Republicans follows rejection of parental rights bill

Capitol police interceded twice between the exchanges involving state superintendent’s candidate Branden Durst, co-sponsor of a failed parental rights bill, and state Sen. Jim Woodward, one of the bill’s opponents.

Newly elected trustees take over Nampa school board leadership

The new chair and vice chair lead split-vote victories on hiring a new clerk and changing the district’s pandemic response plan.