We believe early childhood education is the answer

One of our nation’s (and Idaho’s) greatest challenges is addressing the chronically low levels of reading preparedness among our children. 

Results from a recent poll conducted in Idaho commissioned by RISE

Idaho should focus on improving funding for public education and should ensure that all Idaho classrooms have access to the resources necessary for students to be successful. 

East Idaho dairyman looks after cattle and charter schools

Alan Reed leads a successful dairy business and popular ice cream empire. In his spare time, he chairs one of the most controversial committees in Idaho public education.

The race to reading at grade level

Without the benefit of preschool, hundreds of Idaho children are starting far behind their peers in kindergarten.

State Board letter: Accreditation issue places NIC in peril

“Action or inaction by the college’s board of trustees that places accreditation at risk would result in long-term injury to the very students you were elected to serve,” State Board President Kurt Liebich and executive director Matt Freeman said in a letter to trustees.

Idaho gets waiver from school ranking requirement

Idaho won’t calculate school rankings this year, but it will be required to report new data, like how many students were considered chronically absent from school last year.

Idaho climbs in national graduation rankings

The state escaped the bottom 10 for grad rates during the pandemic, according to our nationwide analysis.