Idaho Education Network

Broadband: State could be forced to pay feds

Funding for a statewide broadband program could be in indefinite “limbo,” as a federal contractor reviews the state’s contract. If the feds find the contract null and void, the state could be on the hook for nearly $13.5 million.

JFAC cautious about broadband request

The Legislature’s budget-writers have no timetable for deciding whether to put $14.45 million into Idaho’s high school broadband system. First, they want more answers about the system’s budget crunch.

State faces $14.45 million broadband bill

Legislative budget-writers took no action Thursday on the request, designed to keep the Idaho Education Network online. But several lawmakers were blindsided and upset at the news.

Idaho Education Network honored for innovation

The Idaho Education Network, a statewide broadband system, has succeeded in leveling the state’s educational playing field, according to the National Journal.