Idaho Education Network

In accountability pledge, Labrador invokes Idaho Education Network mess

As a state legislator, Republican gubernatorial candidate Raul Labrador supported creating the Idaho Education Network. He blames “pay to play” politics for the project’s demise.

What did the Idaho Education Network failure really cost?

This week, the Associated Press pegged the cost of the failed broadband project at $40 million.

State, FCC reach $3.5 million Idaho Education Network settlement

The latest settlement, announced Wednesday morning, brings the state’s costs from the botched broadband contract to $21.8 million, according to an Idaho Education News analysis.

Otter: Another broadband settlement is in the works

The state is negotiating with the feds, Gov. Butch Otter said Monday. A federal contractor fronted Idaho $13.5 million for the ill-fated Idaho Education Network broadband project.

Wasden files countersuit in Idaho Education Network battle

The attorney general says the state owes no money to its broadband vendors — and says the companies owe taxpayers $29.7 million.

CenturyLink sues over Idaho Education Network mess

In separate but similar lawsuits, two project vendors seek back payments from the state. CenturyLink estimates its damages at more than $18.5 million.

ENA files lawsuit over Idaho Education Network payments

The broadband vendor is seeking unspecified back payments — and legal cover in a rapidly escalating battle with Attorney General Lawrence Wasden.

Otter outsources more legal work in broadband case

Otter has hired a Washington, D.C., law firm, as the state scrambles to secure nearly $2 million in federal funding for Idaho schools.

State agency won’t seek repayment on broadband project

The Department of Administration won’t seek any of the $29.7 million the state paid out on the defunct Idaho Education Network project, the Associated Press reported.

In Pocatello, broadband mess could short-circuit textbook purchases

Fifty-seven districts and charter schools could lose $2 million, in the latest complication stemming from the Idaho Education Network contract meltdown.