graduation rates

The complicated math of graduation rates

The backstory about Idaho’s fluctuating grad rates — and the perils in analyzing the new national numbers.

Idaho’s graduation rate ranks No. 39 nationally

The new numbers showed some signs of improvement. Idaho’s ranking moved up slightly, and the graduation rate nudged closer to the national average.

Graduation rates: A view from an alternative school

Alternative schools post some of Idaho’s lowest graduation rates, but by definition, all of their students are at risk of dropping out. “That’s our business,” said COSSA Academy CEO Harold Nevill.

Graduation rates: Some good news, and some old news

As the debate over Idaho graduation rates ratchets up, we take an in-depth look inside the numbers. And we reset the debate.

Idaho graduation rates show improvement

For Idaho’s class of 2015, the graduation rate was 78.9, up from a disappointing 77.3 percent a year ago.

Analysis: The virtual charter graduation rate debate

Were virtual schools unfairly blamed for Idaho’s declining graduation rate? The issue is complicated. So is the math.

Surprising new graduation numbers: Idaho below national average

The new national numbers challenge the long-held assumption that Idaho boasts one of the nation’s highest graduation rates.

Idaho’s ‘missing’ graduation rate, explained

In 2013, the national high school graduation rate was 81 percent. Idaho doesn’t factor into this equation. And here’s why.

What happened to the class of 2013?

In 2012-13, Idaho graduation rates dropped to a 10-year low — the result of newer, tougher federal reporting requirements

Idaho grad rates: a look at the outliers

Which schools had the highest and lowest graduation rates in Idaho? Here are the numbers.