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Some schools struggled to graduate seniors during pandemic-forced closures

While Idaho’s overall graduation rate jumped by the highest margin in five years, some seniors went missing or dropped out.

Idaho’s graduation rate rises during pandemic

Slightly more than 82 percent of Idaho seniors graduated in May, weeks after schools were closed to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Idaho’s graduation rate falls in national rankings

While the rankings are troubling, they are also more than 18 months old. They do not reflect numbers for Idaho’s class of 2018, which improved significantly.

Idaho’s graduation rate reaches a high-water mark

Idaho’s high school graduation rate topped the 80 percent mark in 2018. “The pace is accelerating,” state superintendent Sherri Ybarra said Thursday.

As graduation rates climb, demographic gaps persist

Poverty is a key driver. In Idaho, about three-fourths of high school dropouts come from low-income households, according to a national study released Tuesday.

Idaho’s 2017 graduation rate unchanged from 2016

Once again, 79.7 percent of eligible students graduated.

Idaho’s graduation rate loses ground nationally

Idaho’s graduation rate did improve from 2015 to 2016. Still, Idaho lags behind the national average — with a grad rate ranking No. 40 in the nation.

West Side stories: Life after high school

This small, rural Idaho school churned out a 100 percent graduation rate in 2016. About half went on to college, a ratio that mirrors Idaho’s statewide go-on rate. Here are some of their stories on life after high school.

An encouraging subset in Idaho’s graduation numbers

English language learners comprise a growing demographic in American high schools. And in Idaho, ELL student graduation rates eclipse the national average.

Idaho graduation rate improves again

For the second straight year, Idaho’s graduation rate moved upward in 2015-16. National figures aren’t yet available; Idaho ranked No. 39 in the nation in 2014-15.