governor’s race

Balukoff launches campaign

“A generation of Idaho children are coming of age without the skills they need to succeed,” the longtime Boise school trustee said Wednesday. He is running for governor on the Democratic ticket.

Balukoff campaign spending exceeded $4 million

About 90 percent of the money came from the businessman and Boise school trustee’s own pocket.

‘It feels historic:’ Otter wins third term

Otter won convincingly and he vows to make education a priority.

A $1.5 million spending spree in the governor’s race

Looking for the latest fundraising news from the key Idaho elections? Check this running blog post.

Gubernatorial candidates disagree on school funding

A 90-minute debate revealed opinions about how much money the state should give schools, where the money should come from and tiered licensure.

Otter and Balukoff: Yup, they’ve voted

Idaho Education News looked into the voting records of Gov. Butch Otter and challenger A.J. Balukoff. See how they compare.

PROFILE: Otter walking a fine line on K-12

As Gov. Butch Otter seeks a third term, he faces criticism over Propositions 1, 2 and 3, education budget cuts and Common Core.

AP: Educator in Balukoff ads hasn’t voted either

Shoshone School Superintendent Rob Waite hasn’t voted in his five years in Idaho, the Associated Press reported Friday.

GOP: Balukoff trying to buy election

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate donated nearly $1.6 million to his campaign from May through September.

Otter, Balukoff spar on education — and the budget

The wide-ranging hour-long debate featured a few sharp exchanges on education topics.