AP: Educator in Balukoff ads hasn’t voted either

Here’s another story about an educator who hasn’t voted in Idaho — this time, a backer of Democratic candidate A.J. Balukoff.

Shoshone School District Superintendent Rob Waite appears in this Balukoff TV ad — and he describes himself as a lifelong Republican who plans to vote for a Democrat for the first time.

However, Waite hasn’t voted at all in the five years he has lived in Idaho, the Associated Press’ Kimberlee Kruesi reported Friday.

In other words, Waite did not vote in November 2012 — when Idaho voters rejected Propositions 1, 2 and 3, state superintendent Tom Luna’s education overhauls. Waite also did not vote in 2010, when Gov. Butch Otter and Luna were re-elected to a second term, or in this May’s primary.

Waite registered as a Republican in Idaho in June. Before moving to Idaho, Waite worked in Oregon, where, according to AP, he was a registered Republican who voted in 16 of 20 elections.

Earlier this week, Idaho Education News first reported that Republican state superintendent’s candidate Sherri Ybarra has never voted in a November election in her 17 years in Mountain Home.


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