Cassia County School District

Cassia County to seek supplemental levy in March

Cassia County will seek $4.39 million over two years. The big ticket item: school extracurricular activities.

Statesman: Federal judge sides with cheerleaders in civil rights lawsuit

The Burley High School students proved that they were dismissed from the cheerleading team for reserving the right to file a grievance against the school district, a federal judge ruled in July.

Cassia schools to seek $56.7 million bond issue

Much of the money would go toward school expansions in the growing district.

‘It can’t just be education. It can’t just be industry.’ A partnership template

Mini-Cassia students can work under a unique apprenticeship program that promises high school credits, summer work — and a permanent job after graduation. Partners say the formula could work for other communities and industries.

Cassia trustees seek help in superintendent’s search

The Cassia County School District hopes to have a successor to the retiring Gaylen Smyer by the end of the 2017-18 school year.

ACLU, Cassia district settle discrimination dispute

Former Declo High School student Sierra Norman filed a civil rights complaint in 2014, saying she was the subject of gender and religious discrimination.

Supplemental levies pass — but a Sandpoint levy fails

In the Lake Pend Oreille School District, a $55.1 million plant facilities levy managed only 35 percent support.

Cassia County to seek second bond issue

The $15 million would be used to finish several building projects — and plug an unexpected budget shortfall.

Cassia County faces $15 million building shortfall

A $37 million bond issue will fall far short of the money needed to complete a variety of school projects.

ACLU: Cassia dress code is discriminatory

‘It is 2015 here in Idaho, but sometimes you wouldn’t know it,’ says an attorney for the ACLU. It’s the latest salvo in a dispute between the group and the district.