Cassia County to seek second bond issue

The Cassia County School District will go back to voters, seeking an additional $15 million for school building projects.

The bond issue would plug an unexpected shortfall that first came to light in November.

Voters approved a $37 million bond issue in March, and the money was supposed to bankroll a variety of projects across the countywide district. However, the district’s architect had greatly underestimated costs for projects in Burley and Declo. The district was left with two difficult options: ask for more money, or scale back on the scope of work promised during the campaign for the $37 million bond issue.

Cassia County has opted to seek more money, The Times-News reported Friday.

No date has been set, but the district will probably shoot for a March bond issue, according to The Times-News. Under state law, March 8 is the earliest date the district could schedule an election. A March 8 election would coincide with Idaho’s Republican presidential primary.



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