Caldwell School District

Boise parents voice frustrations over mask rules, Caldwell keeps masks optional

Parents in the Boise School District are upset about the board’s recent decision to require masks for the start of the school year. But many more are upset about what they consider a lack of transparency.

West Ada, Caldwell drop mask requirements

Caldwell’s policy was also changed to say that masks may become required as needed in the future “should outbreaks in schools occur in the future.”

Summer camps give students ‘enrichment’ opportunity

Using Title I and federal funds, Caldwell is giving children an opportunity to learn about science, math and even cooking.

Caldwell requires permission slips for sex ed. Teachers say it might not work everywhere.

“We’ve had to work really hard to make this process go as smoothly as it does,” one teacher told EdNews. She worries that a legislative mandate requiring parental permission could leave some students without necessary information.

Caldwell High School adopts, and revises, no-backpack policy

Before the Wednesday rollout, administrators changed their minds. Opinions on safety tactics are sharply divided.

I.F. bond fails; measures pass in Teton County, Caldwell, Nampa

Voters approved $92.7 million in school bond issues and levies Tuesday. But the night’s big-ticket item went down to defeat: Idaho Falls’ $110 million bond issue.

Caldwell reaches tentative labor agreement

Negotiators struck a deal after meeting with a federal mediator Wednesday. The teachers’ union and the school board still has to approve the plan.

At last minute, Caldwell cancels classes for eclipse

The Caldwell School District announced the scheduling change on its Facebook page Friday afternoon. Some parents and patrons lamented the last-minute notice.

No labor agreement — yet — in Caldwell district

After meeting with a federal mediator Monday, Superintendent Shalene French declined to talk details. Another mediation session is scheduled for Aug. 30.

Summer school: Some districts still at work on teacher contracts

The 2017 Legislature gave school districts and charter schools $61.9 million for teacher pay raises. But more money doesn’t always simplify the bargaining process.