At last minute, Caldwell cancels classes for eclipse

It came at the last minute, but the Caldwell School District joined the list of Idaho schools closing their doors for Monday’s eclipse.

Citing the “epic event of the eclipse,” the district decided to close for the day Monday. The district announced the scheduling change on its Facebook page Friday afternoon.

The reactions were mixed, with some parents and patrons complaining about the last-minute notice.

“It is rather frustrating that the district did not just plan for this from the start,” said one commenter. “Our family could have made arrangements for the long weekend in advance.”

Other commenters defended the district’s decision.

“Yes, it could be a learning experience, but a nightmare for the people responsible for your child that day,” said one commenter. “When those few students decide to take their glasses off, those complaining will be the first to blame the district.”

Across Idaho and across the country, some districts decided to close school for the eclipse. Some school officials said they were worried about keeping kids safe during the eclipse. Others cited the surge in traffic and tourism expected for the unusual astronomical event.

Classes in Caldwell started last week.


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