Bonneville School District

Doctors ask Idaho Falls trustees to require masks in elementary schools

Recommending masks doesn’t go far enough, 14 area doctors say.

‘Utter contempt:’ Bonneville critics rip $2 million emergency levy

The levies are designed to help districts accommodate enrollment increases, and Bonneville has used this option for at least a decade. Statewide, districts will collect $11.5 million in emergency levies.

Bonneville postpones hiring a deputy superintendent for financial and political reasons

The decision is to replace a six-figure payout to the former superintendent and appease the community.

Districts ponder next steps after failed bond issues

Aug. 27 was a rough election day for school districts across Idaho. Six bond issues failed, leaving more than $154 million in school projects in limbo.

Middleton trustees survive recall; Lakeland, Bonneville bond issues fail

Only one bond issue passed Tuesday: a $17 million measure in East Idaho’s Sugar-Salem School District.

Bonneville to increase $39.5 million bond issue

The district’s maintenance and operations director says the plan to build a new elementary school and fund other structural upgrades will likely cost millions of dollars more than previously anticipated.

Districts impose $9.2 million in emergency levies

Growing school districts can impose the levies without getting voter approval. And in one district, trustees bypassed a vote on a $1.8 million levy.

Idaho Falls, Middleton bond issues fall short, again

It was a $207 million Election Day across the state. Voters approved less than $71 million in school ballot measures.

Trustees concealed Shackett’s six-figure payout

The Bonneville School Board agreed to a hefty retirement payout without discussing the matter in an open meeting.

Bonneville modifies gender-identity policy

The changes deal primarily with restroom and dressing room use for transgender students.