Bonneville School District

Bonneville trustees approve six-figure retirement payout to Shackett

The details of a separation agreement were made public Monday only after a public records request was made by Idaho Education News.

Bonneville braces for elementary school boundary changes

Bonneville trustees are mulling three elementary school boundary change proposals, and could make an official decision next week.

Bonneville fields questions on $35.3 million bond measure

Superintendent Chuck Shackett: “I think we can continue to build without (increasing the levy rate).”

Bonneville will float a $35 million bond issue in March. Is it enough?

Some patrons say they feel robbed by the school board’s decision to drop the option for a new elementary school with integrated special education facilities.

Tension flares as Bonneville trustees agree on $60 million bond measure

The decision came during a Wednesday board meeting, amid tense debate that escalated into a confrontation between Bonneville superintendent Chuck Shackett and trustee Greg Calder.

Special education dominates Bonneville bond discussions

An idea to build a special education hub could bump a bond request to $65 million.

Bonneville restores music, P.E. programs

The district is using a share of a $5.8 million-a-year supplemental levy to reinstate the elementary school programs, the Idaho Falls Post Register reported.

Emergency levy bill exceeds $10 million

At least 12 growing districts across the state will collect emergency levies. Last year’s emergency levies totaled $9.1 million. Unlike other levies, emergency levies do not require voter approval.

New Bonneville trustee bent on backtracking $58 million bond measure

If a newly sworn-in trustee in the district has his way, the current plan to build a new junior high could soon be scrapped and replaced with a plan to build a $29 million elementary school instead.

Bonneville to float $58 million bond in August

A bond issue to build a new middle school will show up on Aug. 29 ballots.