A J Balukoff

AP: Balukoff considering another run for governor

Boise School District trustee and businessman A.J. Balukoff says he hopes to make a decision this fall. He was the Democratic nominee for governor in 2014.

Balukoff campaign spending exceeded $4 million

About 90 percent of the money came from the businessman and Boise school trustee’s own pocket.

A $1.5 million spending spree in the governor’s race

Looking for the latest fundraising news from the key Idaho elections? Check this running blog post.

Gubernatorial candidates disagree on school funding

A 90-minute debate revealed opinions about how much money the state should give schools, where the money should come from and tiered licensure.

Balukoff has put $3.2 million into his campaign

The Democratic gubernatorial candidate pumped nearly $1 million into his campaign from Oct. 1 through Oct. 16.

Otter and Balukoff: Yup, they’ve voted

Idaho Education News looked into the voting records of Gov. Butch Otter and challenger A.J. Balukoff. See how they compare.

PROFILE: Balukoff makes education No. 1 issue

The Boise Democrat said the state could have helped reverse school budget cuts more quickly by forgoing tax cuts and investing less in rainy-day savings accounts.

PROFILE: Otter walking a fine line on K-12

As Gov. Butch Otter seeks a third term, he faces criticism over Propositions 1, 2 and 3, education budget cuts and Common Core.

AP: Educator in Balukoff ads hasn’t voted either

Shoshone School Superintendent Rob Waite hasn’t voted in his five years in Idaho, the Associated Press reported Friday.

Otter: Syringa has no claim for damages in broadband deal

Gov. Butch Otter also defended the decision to hire outside counsel in the broadband lawsuit, at a reported cost of more than $750,000.