2018 Idaho Legislature

Target 2025? Task force presses reset on the ’60 percent goal’

Gov. Butch Otter’s higher education task force wraps up its work by rethinking the state’s much-touted — but elusive — college completion goal.

The higher ed task force recommendations, at a glance

A statewide “digital campus.” Higher education funding based on student outcomes. Degrees based on subject mastery, not classroom hours. Here’s a closer look at the higher education task force’s wish list.

Funding formula committee continues its homework Friday

Lawmakers will spend Friday morning hearing from a national expert on school funding formulas.

Legislature will pilot remote testimony

House Education Committee Chair Julie VanOrden will allow remote testimony on some bills in 2018, Boise State Public Radio reported Monday.

Ybarra begins selling a ‘stay-the-course’ budget plan

The state superintendent’s 2018-19 spending plan would add $113.6 million to the K-12 budget — but contains no new programs. Initial reactions are mixed.

Ybarra proposes $113.6 million budget increase for K-12

Highlights from Sherri Ybarra’s 2018-19 budget blueprint: an additional $46.6 million for teacher salaries, pay hikes for administrators and classified staff and another request for a $300,000 rural school network.