Legislature will pilot remote testimony

Idahoans love to refer to the Statehouse as “The People’s House.”

But in a far-flung state, many people live far from their “House.” A pilot program is designed to bridge some of that gap.

The 2018 Legislature will experiment with allowing Idahoans to testify remotely, via video linkups. Boise State Public Radio reported on the pilot plan Monday.

Rep. Caroline Nilsson Troy, R-Genesee

House Education Committee Chair Julie VanOrden will open up some bills to remote testimony, Boise State Public Radio’s Samantha Wright reported. The testimony will be interactive, with witnesses and lawmakers able to engage in a question-and-answer session.

Rep. Caroline Nilsson Troy, R-Genesee, got permission from legislative leaders to try out remote testimony on a pilot basis.

“I’m just very concerned that we continue to hear from Idahoans, regardless of what their zip code is,” Troy told Wright.


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