2018 Idaho Legislature

Funding formula committee to meet Tuesday

With the Legislature’s work all but done for 2018, some summer committees are getting a jump on their work.

Is Idaho’s senior math requirement history? Not exactly

A new law is designed to rescind Idaho’s senior year math requirement, but the situation isn’t quite so simple.

JFAC puts money back into statewide reading test

The $550,000 would fund the statewide rollout of a new test to assess K-3 reading skills — and identify at-risk students.

Turnabout on ‘turnaround’ schools bill

Statehouse roundup, 3.20.18: As the 2018 Legislature moves toward adjournment, here’s the latest news on the education front.

Lawmakers vote to expand scholarship to benefit adults

Statehouse roundup, 3.19.18: Passage of the bill appears to represent a late-session victory for Gov. Butch Otter.

Reading test impasse shows signs of breaking

Legislative budget-writers will meet Tuesday morning, and are likely to take another look at funding a new reading test — one of the last unresolved issues of the 2018 legislative session.

House kills Ybarra’s office budget bill, derailing hopes for a quick end to the session

The Legislature cannot adjourn for the year until it passes all of the 2018-19 state budgets.

Reading test unrest flares up on the Senate floor

Statehouse roundup, 3.16.18: The Senate passes a bill addressing school threats, sending the proposal to Gov. Butch Otter.

Otter pushes back — a little — against math bill

Gov. Butch Otter seemed to toy with vetoing a bill to waive a senior year math requirement. But the bill will become law without Otter’s signature.

Legislators move rapidly into budget mode

Statehouse roundup, 3.15.18: Spending bills pass easily, and the State Board of Education weighs in on the reading test impasse.