1st Congressional District

Cristina McNeil, candidate for Congress

This is the 12th of a periodic series of interviews with candidates for state and federal office — with an emphasis on education topics.

Fulcher: Cut deficit by mothballing Education Department? (Updated)

The former state senator and GOP 1st Congressional District candidate made the remarks during a televised debate Sunday. Idaho receives $264 million a year in federal education funding.

James Vandermaas, candidate for Congress

After spending a career in law enforcement, James Vandermaas opposes arming classroom teachers, and says “common-sense” regulations could make schools and communities safer.

Fulcher holds fundraising edge in congressional race

The former state senator from Meridian is one of seven Republicans in the May 15 primary in the 1st Congressional District.

Michael Snyder, candidate for Congress

The Bonners Ferry writer is running as a 100 percent pro-Trump Republican. “A little flame has started,” he says. “Can we fan it into a fire?”

Christy Perry, candidate for Congress

State Rep. Christy Perry says Congress should scrutinize federal education programs, to make sure they are working as advertised — and helping students at risk.

Perry joins GOP fray in 1st Congressional District

State Rep. Christy Perry of Nampa becomes the sixth Republican and second sitting legislator to enter the open race in the 1st Congressional District.

Christy Perry considers run for Congress

It’s a crowded race with incumbent 1st District Rep. Raul Labrador running for governor.

Russ Fulcher, candidate for Congress

Russ Fulcher says he would like to see the federal government get out of the education business. But the former state senator and current congressional candidate knows it isn’t that simple.

Dave Leroy, candidate for Congress

The former lieutenant governor and attorney general says the nation has a unique opportunity to repair “wreckage” in federal spending, health care and education, among other topics.