House Ed introduces three more ISBA bills

Following a rewrite, the Idaho School Boards Association brings back labor bills that echo the defeated Proposition 1 law.

A breakdown of the new Senate Education bills

The 14 bills, quickly and quietly introduced by the Senate Education Committee, are a mixed bag indeed. Here’s a point-by-point breakdown.

Grange named to Boise School Board

Shauneen Grange was selected to replace Rory Jones on the Boise School Board. She will fulfill his term, which ends in September 2014.

Packed crowd listens to education testimony

Nearly 150 people signed up to testify about education issues in front lawmakers on Monday. Much of the testimony centered on a series of labor bills sought by the Idaho School Boards Association.

Lightning round: Senate panel prints 14 bills

Fourteen bills, no waiting. At Chairman John Goedde’s urging, the Senate Education Committee gave a passel of bills their initial go-ahead, without debate or discussion.

Task force’s $34 million is on the table

The governor’s Education Task Force will not make recommendations to the 2013 Legislature, even though the governor allocated $34 million to support ideas from the task force. The governor has no Plan B for that money.

Collective bargaining bills will get a rewrite

Redrafted versions of the controversial collective bargaining bills are likely to surface on Monday — the deadline for education committees to hear new legislation.

Should ex-convicts get to return to school?

Sen. Lee Heider, R-Twin Falls, wants to make high schools off limits to convicted violent criminals — and the head of the state’s prison system is skeptical.

State honors four Idaho teachers

Three Meridian teachers and another from Idaho Falls were recognized for their use of technology in the classroom in conjunction with Digital Learning Day on Wednesday.

‘Atlas Shrugged.’ Required reading? Not likely.

The chairman of the Senate Education Committee pushed a tongue-in-cheek bill Tuesday intending to send a message to the Idaho State Board of Education. Sen. John Goedde’s bill would add Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged” to Idaho high school graduation requirements. The bill also would require students to pass a test on the book, meaning…