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Financing the Future

At least 46 of Idaho’s 115 school districts asked local patrons to support bond issues, plant facilities levies or supplemental levies on March 14, 2017. All but one were successful at a cost of nearly $700 million in local property taxes. Idaho Education News and Boise State Public Radio partnered to produce a series that previewed the statewide elections and EdNews journalist Kevin Richert investigated the results.

Dillon says his district made a mistake reporting graduation data

GOP candidates raise $1.6 million in bid to succeed Otter

Ybarra and Dillon scrape for campaign dollars

Gubernatorial candidates pan higher ed ‘CEO’ proposal

Michael Snyder, candidate for Congress

Christy Perry, candidate for Congress

Ybarra vs. Dillon. Round One.

Jeff Dillon wants public schools to be the first choice

Ybarra outlines her campaign goals

Russ Fulcher, candidate for Congress

Dave Leroy, candidate for Congress

Luke Malek, candidate for Congress

Raul Labrador, candidate for governor

Tommy Ahlquist, candidate for governor

Brad Little, candidate for governor

Ybarra reprimands one of her directors

Dillion is ready to run, Ybarra’s on hold

Why did so many bonds and levies pass so easily last week?

Voters approve $695 million for schools

Idaho’s $715 million school election day

The legacy of school bonds in Boise

The bond issue ‘supermajority:’ a debate as old as Idaho

What it takes to pass a school bond and what it could mean to your taxes

How a Boise career-technical school prepares students for jobs in high demand

A look at two Boise elementary schools embracing the wrecking ball

Listen: A conversation on school bonds with Stan Olson

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