State Policy

State Board attorney accuses Labrador of filing ‘abusive’ subpoenas

The attorney general is embarking on a costly taxpayer-funded fishing expedition, the State Board of Education’s lawyer argued in a court filing Monday.

Feds write off $37 million in Phoenix student loans. Will U of I end up on the hook?

The U of I downplayed Wednesday’s U.S. Department of Education announcement. But university officials have already said the U of I could be on the hook for $7 million a year, or more, stemming from loan writeoffs.

‘We’re hopeful we run out of money:’ Little seeks to get the word out on Launch

There are early signs of interest in the new, $75 million Launch program, which would provide high school graduates up to $8,000 for training tied to in-demand careers.

State grants begin rolling out — paying for cameras, fences and more

The state has sent out close to $6.7 million in safety and security grants so far — and in the next few months, an additional $13.3 million will be on the way.

‘Do your job:’ Little rips critics of Phoenix megadeal

“If you spent as much time focused on securing the U.S.-Mexico border as you did the University of Idaho, we would have fewer drugs pouring into our country,” Little said Friday.

Court hears arguments on controversial transgender bathroom law

After getting a stamp of approval from the 2023 Legislature, the law has been embroiled in a fierce legal debate since early July.

Higher ed seeks $7.8 million to address inflation, pay raises

The line items appear in budget requests to Gov. Brad Little’s office. Over the next several months, Little and legislators will sort out next year’s state budgets.

Three U.S. senators urge U of I to ditch Phoenix purchase

Sens. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn, Richard Durbin, D-Ill., and Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., say the purchase threatens the U of I’s financial health — and the U of I’s good name.

Parental panel opposes using grants for private school tuition

While nonbinding, the vote from a parental advisory panel foreshadows a school choice debate that appears almost certain to resurface during the 2024 legislative session.

Analysis: Simplifying the funding formula will not be a simple task

State superintendent Debbie Critchfield wants to streamline the K-12 budget by getting rid of past-their-prime line items. That’s a lot tougher than it sounds.