State Policy

‘There’s a lot to celebrate:’ State Board focuses on an embattled program’s future

On Wednesday, State Board of Education members and staff hailed the education microgrant program’s successes — and new safeguards designed to prevent problems that have plagued the program’s launch.

State Board launches all-out defense against attorney general’s lawsuit

The four court motions represent the State Board of Education’s most concerted push against Attorney General Raúl Labrador’s lawsuit.

Legislative auditors urge investigation of child care grant program

They want a civil and criminal probe into the federally funded program. The head of the Department of Health and Welfare denies all wrongdoing.

State endowment generates a record payout for K-12

The payout will come to slightly more than $63 million — a small piece of the overall K-12 funding puzzle.

Parent panel dives into recommendations for state microgrant program

And questions linger after a representative from Odyssey, the contracted company charged with running Empowering Parents’ online platform, met with the panel Thursday.

Costs stemming from U of I homicides exceed $1.2 million

The university will tap into budget reserves to cover additional costs.

Empowering Parents panel discusses program eligibility and limitations

Sen. Lori Den Hartog gave a synopsis of the program’s original intent, and the group addressed private school tuition, homeschool co-op fees and public school fees.

In depth: Are their travels essential, or extravagant?

Idaho’s four college and university presidents spent about $150,000 traveling, over a 12-month span. The head of the State Board of Education defended the practice. A key legislator is skeptical.

Lawyering up: U of I racks up nearly $200,000 in unexplained legal bills

The invoices are heavily redacted. But it appears that much of Hawley Troxell’s work stems from the U of I’s controversial bid to buy the University of Phoenix.

Document pokes a hole in U of I’s Phoenix timeline

The University of Idaho has said it began looking at a University of Phoenix purchase in March, when the for-profit online giant “approached” U of I officials. But that timetable is inaccurate and incomplete.