State Policy

Analysis: Simplifying the funding formula will not be a simple task

State superintendent Debbie Critchfield wants to streamline the K-12 budget by getting rid of past-their-prime line items. That’s a lot tougher than it sounds.

Statewide safety tipline logs a surge in signups — and calls

In 2022-23, the tipline logged more than 460 calls. In 27 cases, students said they were worried about their own mental health, or the welfare of a classmate.

Labrador parcels out lawsuit, pushes back against State Board

The lineup change — and the counterclaim — came 11 days after a district judge disqualified Labrador from the closely watched open meetings case.

Critchfield seeks $92 million to plug school budget gap

The money would cover the move back to funding schools based on student attendance — a change endorsed by Gov. Brad Little.

Critchfield’s committee wraps up its work, for the time being

The hard work awaits. And that includes whether to base the K-12 budget on student attendance, or enrollment numbers.

The rare recall: the recent history

Since 2013, only three other Idaho trustee recall elections have succeded.

Analysis: Will Idaho Launch be a big hit? We’ll know soon enough.

But first, the state’s Workforce Development Council has its own senior project of sorts: working through a maze of process and a morass of questions.

What will happen, and won’t happen, when the funding formula committee meets Thursday

State superintendent Debbie Critchfield is tempering expectations, at least in the short run.

‘We want this deal to happen:’ Phoenix officials tout sale, downplay risk to U of I

“You’re gonna see a very different University of Phoenix than you read about,” university President Chris Lynne said in an Idaho Education News podcast interview.

Analysis: Another troubled state program, bankrolled by Uncle Sam’s COVID-19 aid

The Department of Health and Welfare might have broken the law in its rushed rollout of a child care grants program, according to legislative auditors.