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Personal property tax by the numbers

I’ve written an in-depth look at personal property tax repeal — and its potential impact on public schools. To whet your appetite a little, let’s have a little fun with personal property tax numbers. The State Tax Commission conducted exhaustive research into the personal property tax, and its impact on Idaho’s 900-plus taxing districts. The…

Senate looks at revamping college scholarships

A State Board of Education proposal would remake Idaho’s scholarship system — in hopes of providing larger and more robust aid to eligible students.

Kevin Richert

IEA rips collective bargaining bills

Lawmakers and education stakeholders are slated to meet today to discuss seven bills modeled after the defeated Proposition 1 collective bargaining law. On Tuesday, the Idaho Education Association criticized both the bills and the process.

Personal property tax repeal: It’s complicated

Public schools have a $38.6 million stake in the personal property tax repeal, according to State Tax Commission estimates. But, not surprisingly, nothing about this issue is simple.

Kevin Richert

Why are labor issues back at Statehouse?

Gov. Butch Otter’s task force is leaving school labor issues alone — throwing the matter back before the Legislature.

House members are pro-Kristin Armstrong

It was an easy vote for lawmakers — and a unanimous vote. The House honored Boise Olympian Kristin Armstrong Monday.

Kustra: Idaho can’t shortchange higher ed

Boise State University has stretched limited dollars to accommodate growth — but the state needs to invest in higher education, says president Bob Kustra.

Senate Ed to look at four ISBA proposals

The Senate Education Committee and ISBA executive director Karen Echeverria are looking at a busy agenda this afternoon.

Kevin Richert

Teacher survey draws skeptical questions

An Office of Performance Evaluations survey painted a grim picture of teacher morale. After listening to an overview Thursday, senators had pointed questions for the surveyors.

A graphic approach to grading schools

Remember those X- and Y-axis charts from your math classes? Soon, you might be able to deploy your old-school graphing skills to track Idaho school performance.