Ex-convict expulsion bill on hold (UPDATED)

A bill to keep public schools off-limits to convicted violent criminals is on hold.

Sen. Lee Heider, R-Twin Falls

The Senate Education Committee was scheduled to hold a hearing on Senate Bill 1056 this afternoon. But Sen. Lee Heider, R-Twin Falls, decided to pull the bill “after realizing it may have unintended consequences for young people who get into trouble,” according to the Associated Press.

Heider told the AP that he isn’t sure whether he will try to amend the bill or drop it entirely.

The state Correction Department had voiced concerns about the bill. So had the state’s Juvenile Corrections Department, although the agency had stopped short of formally opposing it.

The bill would have required school boards to refuse admission to former convicts, if they had served a sentence of 12 months or more for a violent crime.

Here’s a link to our previous coverage of the bill.

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