University of Phoenix

Court documents provide a detailed look inside the State Board’s closed-door Phoenix meetings

Most of the deliberations about the $685 million University of Idaho purchase took place behind closed doors. Now, depositions and public records allow us to pull back the curtain.

State Board’s legal bills in open records case exceed $81,000 — so far

Idaho Education News received the invoices Wednesday, after filing a public records request.

Feds write off $37 million in Phoenix student loans. Will U of I end up on the hook?

The U of I downplayed Wednesday’s U.S. Department of Education announcement. But university officials have already said the U of I could be on the hook for $7 million a year, or more, stemming from loan writeoffs.

Analysis: The U of I’s Phoenix purchase is a federal case — and a complicated one

Supporters say the University of Phoenix purchase would thrust University of Idaho into a national education spotlight. But the deal would also entangle the U of I in some gnarly federal education issues.

The University of Phoenix Interview

University of Phoenix officials sit down for an extended interview about their school’s past — and its future.

‘We want this deal to happen:’ Phoenix officials tout sale, downplay risk to U of I

“You’re gonna see a very different University of Phoenix than you read about,” university President Chris Lynne said in an Idaho Education News podcast interview.

State Board launches all-out defense against attorney general’s lawsuit

The four court motions represent the State Board of Education’s most concerted push against Attorney General Raúl Labrador’s lawsuit.

New details, and a fast rewrite: the U of I updates its Phoenix messaging

In one case, the University of Idaho rewrote its page of “frequently asked questions,” days after an Idaho Education News story refuted the university’s facts.

Document pokes a hole in U of I’s Phoenix timeline

The University of Idaho has said it began looking at a University of Phoenix purchase in March, when the for-profit online giant “approached” U of I officials. But that timetable is inaccurate and incomplete.

Analysis: What we know about the Phoenix sweepstakes, despite the U of I’s silence

The University of Idaho wasn’t the only bidder for the University of Phoenix, a for-profit online giant. That is clear. The rest of the story is more complicated.