University of Phoenix

Phoenix says it is ‘committed’ to Idaho, and negotiating with lawmakers

“This extension provides time for important collaboration with important stakeholders and leaders in Idaho, including the Idaho Legislature,” the University of Phoenix said in a statement to Idaho Education News Tuesday.

‘We hope to keep them interested:’ U of I gets more time to negotiate a Phoenix deal

The extension could give a skeptical Legislature the last word on the controversial purchase.

New revelations, new wrinkles in Supreme Court hearing on Phoenix sale

The state’s highest court took up the year-old open meetings case Thursday, but issued no ruling. Here’s what we learned and what we heard.

Analysis: Win or lose, Labrador’s lawsuit has already jeopardized the Phoenix sale

It’s been almost a year since Idaho’s attorney general filed a lawsuit over the proposed University of Phoenix acquisition. The slow-walking case is one big reason the $685 million purchase totters on shaky ground.

‘Phoenix or bust:’ As a plan to rework the purchase flamed out, frustrations flared

Idaho Education News reviewed hundreds of pages of internal emails, for a behind-the-scenes look at the Statehouse debate over the proposed University of Phoenix megadeal.

UPDATED: With U of I deal in limbo, Phoenix seeks to talk to other buyers

According to State Board of Education emails, Phoenix’s owners want to negotiate with other would-be buyers — and the University of Idaho could receive “breakup fees” if its offer doesn’t come to fruition.

Green: U of I has ‘a couple different paths’ on Phoenix

“There is a desire to continue to move this along,” the University of Idaho president told State Board of Education members Wednesday morning. “We’re trying to figure out what that’s going to look like.”

Analysis: If the Phoenix deal died Wednesday, it didn’t die suddenly

The University of Idaho says it is still considering its options to pursue the University of Phoenix purchase. But the U of I’s options appear to be limited.

Judge awards $240,000 to State Board in Phoenix lawsuit

The order marks the latest step in a lengthy, and ongoing, lawsuit challenging the University of Idaho’s $685 million bid to buy the University of Phoenix.

U of I picks a new partner to finance Phoenix deal

The University of Idaho hasn’t begun issuing University of Phoenix bonds — but it is already turning to a Plan B, or a Plan C.