Idaho Falls assistant principal wins $25,000 Milken Educator Award

The former art teacher had no idea the assembly she helped plan was actually for her. INSIDE: Watch the video of the surprise.

Flagged hazards went unaddressed before Highland fire — a common occurence in Idaho schools

There’s a long list of reasons why, including tight budgets, understaffing, and aging buildings. 

Pocatello trustees will wait on clarity from legislators before deciding on bond

If a proposed facilities funding bill passes, they may not have to go to voters to rebuild the burned Highland High.

Pocatello trustees urged to “speed up” decisions on Highland rebuild

They differ on priorities, but seemed to agree Tuesday that a bond would be the best way to rebuild.

Wanted: Professionals and retirees to teach high school CTE courses

Schools must attract converts from industry with job experience to lead CTE programs that guide teenagers directly into the workplace.

Industry partnerships shape employment opportunities for high school graduates

There are hundreds of Idaho professionals helping high schools maintain cutting-edge programs with the most up-to-date industry equipment. Both sides benefit from this collaboration.

State leaders push millions toward meeting workforce demands and student interests

The number of Industry trade jobs is growing every year. And teens are interested in learning those skills in high school.

In wake of nixed levy, Idaho Falls’ next move is complicated

The path is muddied by an ongoing legislative session that puts state funding in flux.

Highland fire saga is far from over, insurance adjuster says. Here’s what we know

Trustees will likely need to make a rebuild decision without definitive answers from insurance.

Pocatello trustees continue to weigh options for rebuilding fire-damaged school

The insurance money won’t be enough to build the school students need, some trustees say.