Rod Gramer

Privatization: The misinformation campaign by voucher supporters

For the sake of Idaho’s future, we can only hope that “truth” starts lacing up its boots fast.

“Have you no decency” applies to Brent Regan

When the good citizens of Coeur d’Alene finally decide to send Brent Regan and his acolytes packing, then, and only then, can they start rebuilding their town into the beautiful, welcoming, and loving community that once was the jewel of North Idaho.

Let’s hope lawmakers aren’t fooled by the privatization advocates

The Legislature is poised to make one of the most consequential decisions in our state’s 133-year history.

Governor Batt personified what it means to be an Idahoan

He was a man of many talents, including a master of the English language. He used words as a newspaper columnist sparingly, but with the skill of a surgeon to get to the art of a matter.

The most crucial decision for education since statehood will take place this session

The decision facing lawmakers is whether to use taxpayers’ dollars to finance private and religious schools. My answer to that is an emphatic no.

National business leader pays it forward in Idaho

Read Mary Mary Daly’s story and why the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco wants to help Idaho teens get to college.

Vote for education this summer

As an organization that represents more than 250 business leaders across our state, Idaho Business for Education believes that public education is essential for Idaho’s economic prosperity and quality of life.

Conflict entrepreneurs ramp up attacks on public education

Out-of-state interests have picked up steam nationally and in Idaho partly because of the turmoil created by the pandemic.

Durable skills are vital for future workers

Durable skills used to be called “life skills” or “soft skills” which really downplays how important they are in the workplace.

The importance of education

Nearly 70 percent of Idahoans, including more than 60 percent of Republicans, said the Legislature should pass full-day kindergarten.