Rod Gramer

For the sake of our public school students, voters should do their homework

Get the truth by asking candidates if they support public schools or support taxpayer-funded tuition for private and religious schools.

Let’s make a deal: Is it Launch vs. savings accounts?

Holding Launch hostage isn’t even good politics for privatization legislators.

Private schools accepting taxpayer subsidies is not conservative

We can only hope Idaho’s conservative legislators hold onto their good old Idaho conservative principles.

Tax credits have the same impact as other voucher-like programs

Idaho’s legislators should not be fooled. If the tax credit passes, the voucher lobbyists will be back to expand it and they will continue pressuring lawmakers to pass an education savings account.

Arizona’s cautionary tale that Idaho lawmakers can still avoid repeating

Idaho can’t afford to financially support two new school systems.

Idaho’s educators labor every day to set students up for success

Collaboration and learning are other keys. Besides data sharing, teachers meet in groups and discuss ideas about how to improve each student’s proficiency.

Privatization: The misinformation campaign by voucher supporters

For the sake of Idaho’s future, we can only hope that “truth” starts lacing up its boots fast.

“Have you no decency” applies to Brent Regan

When the good citizens of Coeur d’Alene finally decide to send Brent Regan and his acolytes packing, then, and only then, can they start rebuilding their town into the beautiful, welcoming, and loving community that once was the jewel of North Idaho.

Let’s hope lawmakers aren’t fooled by the privatization advocates

The Legislature is poised to make one of the most consequential decisions in our state’s 133-year history.

Governor Batt personified what it means to be an Idahoan

He was a man of many talents, including a master of the English language. He used words as a newspaper columnist sparingly, but with the skill of a surgeon to get to the art of a matter.