Michael Strickland

Tips for teachers in the wake of the Delta variant

By doing these things, you can make a difference in your students’ academic and emotional progress this school year.

Teaching during a pandemic: Reflections on a remarkable year

The worldwide pandemic threw complex curveballs, speed bumps and barriers to teaching and learning.

Instructional strategies to navigate this brave new world

Find out about the many tools available for parents to make it through this trying time.

There is a place for rigor in our teaching and learning

Rigor does not simply mean giving students more work or making it harder. Instead, it’s the outcome of engagement that challenges students’ thinking in new and interesting ways.

Seven reasons to support the Nampa Public Library

It’s a good time to review why this is a priceless community center.

Universal access to education is possible in this online age

Open Educational Resources is not only vital, but is at the forefront of the movement toward making college accessible for all learners.

Online learning options are better than ever

Online learning has the potential to revolutionize higher education. We must continue to make such access a priority for the future of our state and its citizens.

Kids are overtested at the expense of teaching and learning

Today’s crisis in Idaho education has been caused by an amalgamation of high stakes testing, accountability, markets and privatization tied to the Common Core. Educators often feel compelled to put test preparation ahead of richer forms of teaching.

Change begins by supporting public schools

Applaud efforts that make schools better.

Celebrate and support our teachers

If they are to excel in their craft and be satisfied with their careers, even the most talented and gifted teachers require a good foundation and apprenticeship, a lifetime of challenging work environment, and ongoing education.