Linda Clark

Idaho’s College Going Rates May be Showing Signs of Improvement

The college going rate dramatically improves when applied to students who enroll within three years of graduating from high school.

Statewide goals for public education in Idaho

I think it is important that I share with parents and taxpayers three important goals the State Board is working on with local trustees and the school administrators who oversee our school districts and charter schools.

Boosting student support on Idaho’s college campuses

Students and their families are making financial sacrifices to attend Idaho public institutions.

Awarding college credit for military training

“It’s been known for a long time that there is college-level training going on in the military …”

Accolades for increasing starting teacher pay

Idaho policymakers have done a lot over the last five years to raise teacher pay.

Idaho’s dual credit program keeps growing

This is an innovative approach to provide access to affordable college opportunities beginning in the seventh grade. 

Idaho’s career information system helps students and adults to find the right career

The program is built around multiple assessments that take into account different learning styles and work values that also helps students decide what they want to do. 

One board serves Idaho education very well

Public education in Idaho works because it is a system-wide approach that is holistic, efficient and effective.

Women are more likely than men to continue their education

If Idaho is to meet workforce needs, we have to find ways to encourage more male students to emulate what most of their female classmates are doing.

Contrary to reports, Idaho teacher salaries are improving

A recent national report ranking teacher salaries does not factor in Idaho’s career ladder — and the state’s 9 percent average pay increases since 2015.