Jim Jones

The U.S. Supreme Court warns against state funding of private schools

Idaho voters need to let legislators know that the diversion of taxpayer money to private schooling will further degrade public education for Idaho kids.

We can pay respect to our fallen by being better Americans

Let’s mourn and honor them on Memorial Day and pledge that we will not let their sacrifice be for naught.

  The Idaho Freedom Foundation’s bark is much worse than its bite

Many of the politicians who have danced to its tune in recent years went down to defeat.

Idaho desperately needs help from its independent voters on May 17

Seriously! Registered voter, except those now registered with another party, can lawfully take part in the Republican primary.

The IPTV debates have disclosed the serious candidates

Thanks to IPTV for performing a valuable public service by hosting the debates.

Extremist legislators demonstrate why voters need to clean house

Folks should register to vote in the Republican primary and help with the cleaning.

We should heed George Washington’s warning against partisanship

Idaho’s almost 310,000 independent voters would have no say in the selection between these types of candidates if highly-partisan Republicans have their way.

Take Back Idaho is a lifeline to those yearning for responsible governing

The main reason for the sorry state of Idaho politics is the corrosive influence of the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF), a so-called think tank that draws substantial support from out-of-state interests.

Freedom Foundation politicians are gunning for Idaho public schools

Idaho public schools have provided a free education to kids from every economic level, faith, race, creed, political outlook, whatever, since 1890.

The Legislature is violating its constitutional duty to Idaho’s public schools

We clearly have the money so let’s require the legislators to carry out their responsibility under the Idaho Constitution. Our kids’ education depends on it.