Jim Jones

The extremist branch of Idaho’s GOP is producing a moving experience

Extremist legislators have been relentlessly and unjustifiably attacking libraries and librarians since out-of-state dark money groups placed them on the target list a couple of years ago.

The Idaho Constitution says no taxpayer money for private schooling

Some people, who simply don’t know what they are talking about, falsely claim the Blaine Amendment is a “dead letter”

Sandra O’Connor was a remarkable Supreme Court Justice

Women have not been handed equality in the legal workplace, they have earned it.

Idaho voters can be trusted to responsibly exercise their initiative rights

I would submit that the closed GOP primary, aided and abetted by the malign influence of the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) and its dark money allies, has created a toxic atmosphere in the Legislature, making it difficult for well-meaning legislators like Clow to do their jobs.

What can individual Idahoans do to honor America’s veterans?

It is certainly fitting that Americans join together on Veterans Day to honor and thank those who stepped forward to serve the country.

Voters should “West Bonner” extremist candidates in November

Voters should be wary of school district candidates who want to bring religion into the schools, who wish to divert public money to private and parochial schools and who push culture war issues.

Bonner County voters show how to stand up for public education

Traditional Idahoans are slow to anger but, when they get their feathers ruffled, they are not reluctant to toss out political charlatans.

Bad news keeps coming for the extremist branch of the Republican Party

At the recent GOP convention in Challis, Governor Brad Little and 14 House Republicans received a “no confidence” vote for opposing legislation that would clog the courts with nuisance suits against local libraries.

Fair warning to public school patrons across the Gem State

WBCSD has reportedly lost 33 employees in recent months because of the board’s actions.

The Freedom Foundation demonstrates its plan to destroy public education

IFF helped to get far-right candidates Keith Rutledge and Susan Brown elected to the school board in November of 2021, making a three-trustee majority that has been creating havoc ever since.