Jim Jones

Extremist GOP legislators are at it again, attacking our public libraries

The folks unhappy with pornography are attacking the wrong target. Libraries don’t traffic in pornography. That is the job of the internet.

What an Idaho school funding lawsuit might look like

Unfortunately, the US Supreme Court has opened a back door to the Idaho treasury–if states provide taxpayer money for private schooling, they must also provide it for religious schooling.

A disheartening preview of coming attractions at the Statehouse theater

We have Idaho’s fledgling Attorney General Raul Labrador, going beyond his scripted duties under Idaho law and inserting himself into an education controversy that is none of his business.

What’s with the Mountain States Policy Center? Part One

My theory is that the Idaho Freedom Foundation has sustained substantial damage to its credibility so MSPC was called in to present a gentler voice in advocating for the same things.

Idaho owes a debt of gratitude to its longest-serving attorney general

Inside are just a few examples of the dedicated service Lawrence Wasden performed for the people of Idaho.

Can we improve public education by subsidizing private education?

If we really want to improve our public schools, we should make a point of valuing our teachers.

 Americans can honor our veterans by doing their democracy homework

If we take seriously our obligation to honor those who have risked their lives to protect and preserve the American system, each and every one of us must stay better informed on the issues of critical importance to the state and nation.

What we risk by restricting our kids’ view of history and culture

It is important that the young people of this state and nation be exposed to a wide range of books, even though some may contain words or concepts that make people uncomfortable.

  Idaho Freedom Foundation flails in its quest to tar Idaho’s public schools

Instead of trying to tear them down, like IFF loves to do, we should be doing our level best to build them up with proper funding and strong public support.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation misinforms about the education initiative

It is a contemptible lie to claim they are trying to subvert local values, instead of doing their level best to give our kids a decent education.