Gov. Brad Little, News Release

Idaho state budget well positioned to handle ongoing impacts of COVID-19

Idaho just ended its fiscal year with a surplus nearly three times what was expected before COVID-19. How, in the middle of a global pandemic, did we manage to do that? Through conservative principles of governing. In late March, shortly after the first coronavirus case was confirmed in Idaho, I asked state government agencies to…

Idaho’s economic rebound hinges on the safety and confidence of consumers and employees

Thank you to the people of Idaho for your determination during these tough times and the care you have shown others.

History will remember our reaction to coronavirus, so let’s be there for each other

Let’s make sure future generations use it as a model for calm and compassion in a time of uncertainty.

We support students when we support teachers

My plan to raise teacher pay includes a strong accountability system that is focused on student growth and proficiency and advanced professional practice.

Two education themes emerged this week

Working together, we can point and incentivize students onto the right path.