Gov. Brad Little, News Release

Literacy investments help make Idaho students lifelong readers

My priority has been and will continue to be getting all Idaho kids to read proficiently by the end of third grade.

Celebrating teachers, our partners in the education of Idaho’s future

 I want to thank my partners in the Legislature for making teachers a priority. By passing the teacher health insurance bill last week, they acknowledge the important role teachers play in our state.

Apprenticeships help solve Idaho’s labor challenges

 One new program will align apprenticeship with degree programs at Idaho’s postsecondary and workforce training institutions, benefitting up to 2,000 new workers

The vaccine is our best shot at keeping kids in school

Our main defense in ensuring the new school year is entirely in-person – free from outbreaks and quarantines – is the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Gov. Little reflects on Idaho’s year-long pandemic fight

Let’s remember, that we will not maintain all our progress unless we continue to take steps to protect lives.

Building Idaho’s future requires looking forward, not back

There has been a lot of focus on the past 11 months. That is fine, but Idahoans are better served when we focus on our future.

Idaho Legislature’s actions threaten vaccine rollout and Idaho’s prosperity

I want the people of Idaho to know I am firm in my assertion that the actions of the Idaho Legislature severely jeopardize our ability to roll out vaccine and bring the pandemic to an end in Idaho.

The enemy is the virus, not each other

Choose to support others while seeking to understand those who do not view things the way you do.

It’s our turn to protect veterans from a new enemy – COVID-19

At least half of Idaho’s veterans are at-risk of serious health complications or death if they contract COVID-19, Gov. Brad Little writes.

Together, Idaho and President Trump are taking action to support small business

 Idahoans can expect continued partnership between the state and the President moving forward to ensure a strong and smart pandemic response and the continuation of conservative principles of governing.