Thoughts from Boise trustee candidate Steve Schmidt

Our society is divided. When an issue has no clear common ground, division causes each side to believe they are right and their opponents are wrong. And this belief can lead to losing sight of the intrinsic value of the person on the opposite side.

This matters for the Boise School Board because trustees are responsible for making decisions that affect all students, teachers, and administrators. We can’t just devalue people and ignore perspectives we disagree with. Rather, we need to understand and consider all sides when making decisions.

Our society needs activists proclaiming the wrongs they see done, and it needs people focused on specific actions affecting change. But our School Board needs reasonable trustees who see the value of each person and will uphold their oath to build relationships of trust and respect with others, in addition to their other responsibilities.

I encourage every eligible voter to become educated on the candidates and vote for those who will do this. It’s what our students and those who help them learn need.


Steve Schmidt

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