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The Anti-Vote

I wish I could draw. I have an image in my head along the lines of a political cartoon. I see a teacher in the classroom with students. Maybe they’re learning to read or add and subtract. Maybe they’re sitting on the floor talking about our weekend. Or maybe the kids are lining up to go home while the teacher stands at the door ready to give their daily high five or hug as they head out. In this drawing, each child is wearing labels. They might say- “mom in jail”, “didn’t eat dinner”, “molested”, “learning disability”, or “thinks I’m stupid”. Outside my room, I see two politicians yelling at each other. They’re both yelling at the top of their lungs at the same time, spouting extremist phrases like, “radical indoctrination”, “government tyranny”, “conspiracy”, and “critical race theory.” Never do these politicians step into the classroom or really know what’s happening.

I am fearful about the future of Idaho education. I am a parent and an educator.  The results from the primary on May 17 will be very telling as to where we are heading. There is a group of politicians spouting and shouting extremist propaganda of apocalyptic proportions. Fortunately, for me, they have banded together to promote each other which helps me know who to NOT vote for.

Recently, in Nampa the local school board banned multiple books without following their own policies and procedures. They don’t represent parent rights. They abused their power to force their own views down the throats of their community.

We have numerous examples of politicians preaching state sovereignty via the Constitution of the United States, but then abuse their power and violate policy and laws. When Governor Little left the state, our Lt. Governor McGeachin violated public trust and abused her authority in order to grandstand.

One of our local politicians in Pocatello, Worley, visited my church during Sunday services. I watched, horrified,  as he aggressively tried to provoke my bishop and leaders into saying something that he could record and use later. A member of my same faith brought his contentious politics into my Sabbath?

A House Representative, Moon, focused her rhetoric on driving CRT out of our schools and state. The problem is she didn’t ever have any evidence that it was there in the first place. In fact, the district she referenced provided evidence that she’d never even been in the building or spoken with the school community. Did she make it up to make her point? Another example of this regime doing what they want regardless of ethics, authority, or evidence.

A candidate for state superintendent, Durst, threw a temper tantrum when he didn’t get what he wanted at the legislature. This is who we want leading our public education system? No thank you. Given the examples set by others in his same extremist political regime, I have zero doubts that he will do what he wants to do regardless of legality or what’s best for all Idaho children.

A slogan that I have seen from this family of  self-serving, extremist politicians is: “We fight for your freedom, your way of life, and the future of your children.” It should say: “We fight for our beliefs to be your way of life… whether you want it or not.”

I love our country. I love Idaho. I love our Constitution. I love Idaho children. This primary on May 17 will be, for me,  the anti-vote. I don’t stand with those that abuse their power and think only of themselves and those in their extremist bubble. That is not the Idaho that I know and love.

Angie Godfrey

Angie Godfrey

Angie Godfrey is a math education specialist. She works with teachers across the state to support them in improving their teaching.

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