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Letter to fellow citizens and elected officials

Fellow citizens and elected officials,

The first purpose listed in the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States calls for us “to form a more perfect union.” Certainly there are pitfalls in our public education system, mostly caused by selfish special interests, but the one thing that it does for certain is moves us towards being about a “more perfect union” by bringing together people from different backgrounds, to find their commonality.

Along with helping to create a literate society, in many rural Idaho towns, the schools and there activities are at the heart of the community.

We have plenty of divisiveness going on in our society, we don’t need to magnify it by demolishing  one of the key vehicles that brings folks together.

Vouchers are a bad idea being pushed by those whose ideology is counter to not only the first purpose of the Preamble, but most of the others as well.

Written by Bill Chisholm, a Buhl, Idaho, patron. 


Bill Chisholm

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