Jana Jones has what it takes

As a member of the Idaho House of Representatives Education Committee for 18 years, Chairman of the Education and Work Force Training Committee for the National Conference of State Legislatures, and a member of the National Education Goals Panel, I have a clear understanding of what it takes to provide true leadership in education. Dr. Jana Jones has what it takes.

Douglas Jones
Douglas Jones

I have known and worked with Dr. Jones (no relation) for over 20 years on education, research, and public policy projects and I know her abilities. More importantly, I know she is dedicated to ensuring that every child in the state of Idaho receives a high quality education.

Dr. Jones is a fourth generation Idahoan who attended Idaho public schools, and completed her Doctorate of Education at Idaho State University in 2001.

Dr. Jones has been a special education teacher, and she has worked at the Idaho State Department of Education for three superintendents, including serving as chief deputy state superintendent. She has also worked in private business, owning and directing a preschool, and as an international education consultant. Her consulting work allowed her to observe firsthand what is working in other school systems and to bring those ideas home to improve Idaho’s schools.

With Dr. Jones’s experience she is already fully prepared to work with the governor, the Legislature, teachers, administrators, and parents to set policy and to channel resources to local school districts in order to educate all of Idaho’s students.

Dr. Jones will make a difference for our students. She will do that by listening to local school board members, parents, teachers, and administrators. She will support and empower them to do what is best for their districts in order to provide the best education for every student. She supports high standards and rigorous assessment to insure that Idaho students are well prepared to move on to higher education or to enter the work force at graduation.

If you examine her academic qualifications and her experience, Dr. Jones is clearly the best qualified candidate for Idaho’s Superintendent of Public Instruction. Dr. Jones is a strong, visionary leader you can trust. I strongly urge your vote for Dr. Jana Jones on Nov. 4.

Douglas R. Jones of a former representative from District 23, which includes Twin Falls and Owhyee counties.



Douglas Jones

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