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I signed on to Idaho Leaders United because I want the very best for our community

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As a lifelong Idahoan, business owner of Idaho Candy Company and current school board member, I have seen many changes occur within our state over the years. There have been changes for good, but we are also seeing an increase in divisiveness and an atmosphere of disrespect that I’ve not seen before.

Unfortunately, school board service has taken on new responsibilities.  I have been yelled at, threatened, and defamed. This is not the Idaho that I have known, not the atmosphere of common respect with goals for the greater good that was taught when I grew up here.

I signed on to Idaho Leaders United for the same reason that I serve on my local school board. I want the very best for our community. Together, we can create the best Idaho for our children’s future and still honor the Idaho that my mom and dad worked so hard to build.

Idaho Candy Company was founded in 1901 and has thrived in this state. For our company, and our economy, to continue to thrive, our state needs to work to provide a safe environment and a bright future for all our citizens. Bringing people together is the goal of most long-term businesses and it has been successful for us. I oppose extremism and political violence, because not only do I know it will hurt my bottom line –  it will also hurt my employees and our customers.

Join me in lending your voice to Idaho Leaders United. Sign our pledge if you haven’t already, and share our launch video with your family, friends and neighbors.

Dave Wagers

Dave Wagers

Dave Wagers is the owner of Idaho Candy Company and serves as the president of the Boise School District's Board of Trustees.

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