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I have questions for Lt. Gov. McGeachin and her Indoctrination Task Force

  1. Will you please state the need for your Indoctrination Task Force and how your ITF will benefit Idaho?
  2. Will you please define exactly what you mean by “indoctrination” in public education?
  3. Will you please lay out point by point, and value by value, what you deem Idaho values?
  4. Will you please share who you have consulted or will consult in the process of developing your definitions, values, standards and objectives for your ITF?  Who are the experts on this subject, and criteria have they met to give them authority in the field?  Please share this information much in the same way that experts and studies were vetted and detailed in the development process of our Common Core State Standards. 
  5. Will you please share the detailed budget you have for your ITF? 
  6. Will you please share the funding sources for your ITF budget?
  7. Will you please share your ITF standards/criteria by which you will identify indoctrination of Idaho students when you find it, much in the same way that our Common Core State Standards are organized and catalogued, so that it’s very plain to see what your ITF’s objectives are?
  8. Will you please describe in detail what the end goals of your ITF are so that we will be able to know if your ITF has been successful, if it has met its goals or if it is falling short of its standards, much in the same way teachers provide learning targets or rubrics for students so that they are able to understand their own success or need for more practice or learning?  We’d like to know very specifically what success for your ITF looks like.
  9. Will you please share who will be evaluating or overseeing your ITF?  Will you please explain on whose or by what authority evaluators operate?
  10. Will you please share your ITF timeline and due date?
  11. Will you please share your specific and detailed plan of action and pacing guide for meeting your ITF objectives by the due date? Also, please share how action items are delegated and to whom.
  12. Will you please make sure you have completed these requests before you send your ITF agents into our public schools, much in the same way public educators must prepare before they go into classrooms to teach a lesson or begin a unit or start a new school year?  
  13. Please answer with a simple yes or no. Will your ITF have the overarching goal of benefitting all current and future students, families, and communities of Idaho and facilitating the development of the full potential of each and every individual one, much in the same way public education does?

Written by Hester Comstock, a teacher in the Boise School District. 


Hester Comstock

Hester Comstock is a teacher in the Boise School District.

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