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Board’s top priorities should be to inspire, engage, educate and empower

Lara Stone
Lara Stone
Lara Stone, parent in the Blaine County School District

As a parent with two kids in the school district, I have disagreed with resigned school board trustee Elizabeth Corker on many of her endeavors this past year, especially the costly ones, like adding Syringa to the district, the coalition’s lawsuit against the district, and administrator salary negotiations.

However, my primary concern has been her view that the school board’s top priority should be “to hold it accountable to the owners of the district — taxpayers and citizens”, when in fact it is to Inspire, Engage, Educate and Empower every student.

I am heartened to see that in her departure letter last week, Ms. Corker called for the board to put student-centered priorities first once again. I am confident that the new board will be more constructive and effective, focused once again on student achievement.

I believe Ms. Corker’s most beneficial contribution to our district was her decision to hire Superintendent GwenCarol Holmes: Dr. Holmes’ professionalism and delivery on school board goals has been a testament to her integrity and hard work.  Ms. Corker has always promoted asking the difficult questions and doing in-depth research.

I am eager to see the new board continue to do both in a non-polarizing, collaborative environment for the betterment of our district.

 Written by Lara Stone, a parent in the Blaine County School District responding to the resignation letter by former Blaine County trustee Elizabeth Corker.

Lara Stone

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