WiFi contract

Auditors find irregularities in WiFi payments

The state’s contractor received payments to provide WiFi service to schools that have opted out of the statewide system.

State could tighten contract rules

The proposed rule changes — which could come before the 2015 Legislature — come in the wake of controversies over school broadband and WiFi contracts.

JFAC revisits school broadband issue

No news, yet, on funding the state’s high school system.

Of WiFi system shopping, and ‘freedom’

An unsuccessful bidder for the state’s WiFi contract is urging schools to explore their buying options. The company’s president says the move is not designed to be a sales pitch.

Two tech systems, one audit

As the Legislature looks to wrap up its year’s work, auditors could get $90,000 for a two-pronged assignment: taking a closer look at the state’s new WiFi system and its high school broadband network.

Education news roundup: Tuesday, March 18

Catch up on the latest legislative action from the Statehouse: a shuffling of lottery proceeds, a bill on school WiFi specs and a proposal to create a new committee to review SBAC questions.

Education news roundup: Friday, March 14

Get the latest news on a bill to tweak the school funding formula — and a bill to govern state lottery proceeds.

Senate Ed passes WiFi bill

During what may be the Senate Education Committee’s last meeting of the year, lawmakers passed a bill setting requirements for school districts that want state funding to run their own WiFi system.

JFAC approves WiFi plan

With the WiFi deal in place, the 2014-15 public school budget has been finalized and awaits votes in the House and Senate.

Tech contract controversies: an outline

Two big contracts. A lot of moving parts. And big decisions for state officials. The Idaho Education Network broadband battle and the WiFi project controversy, explained.