University of Idaho

A behind-the-scenes look at another U of I abortion controversy

The University of Idaho became a flashpoint in the national abortion debate in late September. But even before that, the issue has put the U of I on the defensive. Here’s what we learned.

Requests for welfare checks surge in aftermath of student slayings

“We understand there is a sense of fear in the community,” the Moscow Police Department said in a Sunday news release.

Analysis: A week of unspeakable tragedy and unanswered questions

On Wednesday, President C. Scott Green defended his decision to resume classes at the University of Idaho, after four students were slain off-campus. Several parents who reached out to Idaho EdNews said they are fearful and unconvinced.

A few details slowly emerge in U of I student homicides

The four students were evidently stabbed “by an edged weapon such as a knife,” the Moscow Police Department said in a statement Tuesday. No weapon has been recovered, and no suspects are in custody.

State Board makes tuition freeze official

For a second consecutive year, the four-year schools will hold the line on in-state, undergraduate tuition.

U of I training teachers to provide dual-credit cybersecurity course

Students won’t be hacking into computer systems in CYB 110, but they will be getting an introduction into what cybersecurity means.

Green decries ‘disappointing’ tone of session, downplays higher ed cuts

“I’m hopeful that the rhetoric will just stop,” University of Idaho President C. Scott Green said Monday. “I don’t expect that any time soon.” Budget reserves should absorb the university’s $500,000 cut.

Universities make a $950,000 investment in a joint cybersecurity major

Students aren’t seeing much of an effect, at least not yet. But by spring, they could start tapping into internships and apprenticeships at the University of Idaho, Boise State University and Idaho State University.

U of I enrollment drops by 9.5 percent

A sharp dropoff in dual-credit enrollment accounted for much of the decrease. Enrollment numbers should come from other colleges and universities within days.

Green: Financial turnaround ‘has literally saved’ the U of I

In a Tuesday email to staff and students, the University of Idaho president hails a reversal from shortfalls to a $900,000 surplus.