Transgender athletics

A flurry of filings: Opponents urge federal court to strike down Idaho’s transgender athletics ban

Monday’s “friend of the court” filings came from across the nation and from a variety of vantage points — from former Idaho attorneys general; from prominent female athletes; from health care and advocacy groups; and from corporate America.

Republican states align behind Idaho transgender athletics ban

Fourteen state attorneys general co-signed a brief supporting Idaho’s first-in-the-nation law, which bans transgender girls and women from playing in girls’ and women’s sports.

COVID-19 — and not transgender politics — costs Idaho March Madness

The NCAA is pulling the men’s basketball tournament from Boise State University and other campus-aligned venues across the nation, opting to hold the tournament in a single geographic area.

HBO spotlights Idaho’s transgender athletics ban

The segment had been scheduled to air Tuesday, the Idaho Statesman reported, but is now on hold.

Conservative group takes transgender athletes case to appeals court

A federal judge placed Idaho’s transgender athletics ban on hold in August.

Transgender athletics ban on hold

And in an 87-page ruling Monday, Chief U.S. District Judge David C. Nye appeared to tip his hand, saying opponents of the Idaho law are “likely” to prevail on constitutional grounds.

Ruling on transgender athletics law expected by August

Chief U.S. District Judge David Nye said he will expedite a ruling on the transgender athletics ban before fall sports tryouts begin, Nathan Brown of the Idaho Falls Post Register reported Wednesday.

Little, NCAA executive discuss Idaho’s transgender athletics ban

The NCAA will take up the first-in-the-nation transgender athletics ban in August. Critics are urging the NCAA to pull collegiate sporting events out of Idaho in protest.

Trump administration defends Idaho’s transgender athletics ban

“Allowing biological males to compete in all-female sports is fundamentally unfair to female athletes,” Attorney General William Barr said Friday.

Labrador represents supporters of transgender athletics ban

The state Republican Party chairman is legal counsel for two Idaho State University student-athletes who want the courts to uphold Idaho’s new law.