tiered licensure

Education chairs back statewide career ladder rollout

DeMordaunt and Mortimer said their committees may begin addressing teacher pay and tiered licensure within a couple of weeks.

Senate Ed hears push for tiered licensure

The Senate Education Committee will likely get a look at the controversial tiered licensure plan early in the legislative session.

Otter: Move forward on tiered licensure

Gov. Butch Otter wants to see the 2015 Legislature revamp teacher licensing — and pass a related, $175 million plan to boost teacher pay.

Ybarra offers a glimpse into legislative priorities

The new state superintendent wants the state to slow down on tiered teacher licensure and a teacher career ladder plan.

Board of Ed approves teacher pay recommendation

Members of the State Board of Education called on Gov. Otter and lawmakers to pass legislation raising teacher pay this session.

State Board will take up teacher pay in December

State Board of Education members remain committed to addressing teacher pay before the 2015 legislative session, staffers said.

State Board approves tiered licensure changes

Proposal now heads to the Legislature for final consideration.

Closing remarks: Luna makes pitch for tiered licensure

In his last speech to school administrators, state superintendent Tom Luna pushes for the controversial teacher licensing overhaul.

Tiered licensure changes may be in works

The State Board of Education will discuss several changes to the controversial proposal Thursday afternoon.

Boise superintendent: Ditch tiered licensure plan

In the face of unified opposition, it’s time for the State Board of Education to start over, Don Coberly says.