Teacher pay

No bonuses this year for master educators

Hundreds of teachers are waiting to find out if they have earned the $4,000-per-year premiums.

Think tank urges states to think ‘strategically’ about teacher pay

A National Council on Teacher Quality report says Idaho has taken only a partial step slow to reward high-performing teachers.

Educators make early push to continue increasing teacher pay

The leaders of several education groups told State Department of Education officials that teacher pay continues to be their top budgetary proposal for next year.

Report details problems in teacher ‘leadership premium’ payments

The law is designed to reward teachers who take on added responsibilities, and the premiums will cost $17.4 million in 2017-18. But the money isn’t always spent as lawmakers intended — or as the law requires.

Legislature’s education leaders back new raises for teachers

Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra has already called for spending $58 million next year on raises and increased benefits for teachers.

Education task force reconvenes, looks to future

Social studies and government teacher Cindy Wilson said the group’s 20 recommendations are beginning to make a positive difference in her classroom.

Education department to audit teacher evaluations

Tim Corder says state officials may recommend replacing evaluations as an accountability tool connected to teacher pay and the Legislature’s career ladder.

Otter doesn’t commit to special session, praises lawmakers’ education record

Governor declines to say whether he will call special session to address child support bill that was killed during the just-completed 90-day legislative session.

Sen. Dean Mortimer hailed a hero of the session

Because of the workload the new chair of the Senate Education Committee carried, the Senate’s No. 1 Republican called him “one of the heroes of this session.”

Otter signs $125 million teacher salary bill into law

Leaders of the Idaho Education Association, Idaho School Board Association and Idaho Association of School Administrators joint Otter for bill signing.