State evaluators receive a glowing evaluation

The Legislature’s auditing arm picks up a national award for a pair of stinging investigations of costly state education projects.

After the $61 million Schoolnet fiasco, a scramble begins

School districts can now choose another instructional management system. Here’s a look at what’s at stake for students, districts, vendors and taxpayers.

Ybarra aide blasts Luna over Schoolnet contract

“We can count. … And we can calculate. … And we can spell.” A top aide to Sherri Ybarra pledges to fix Schoolnet problems.

Boise signs on (a little) with Silverback

The Boise company will help the district track its English language learners.

ISEE, Schoolnet review in the works

The state’s Office of Performance Evaluations may also conduct a review of the Idaho Education Network, the state’s troubled high school broadband project.

Senators chew over Schoolnet project

The state has made progress on fixing problems with a multimillion-dollar student information system, an Education Department official said Tuesday. But senators still have questions about its long-range future.

State seeking to solve Schoolnet problems

But Idaho’s largest school district is still struggling to get accurate data from Schoolnet — a system designed to give teachers real-time data on student performance and growth.

Reviewers found ‘frustration’ with Schoolnet

Still, addressing the glitches makes more sense than starting over with a new system, according to a third party that reviewed the Schoolnet pilot earlier this year.

K-12 committee enters Schoolnet debate

After staging three meetings, the Legislature’s interim education committee adjourns for good without calling any votes or making any recommendations.

Schoolnet grant will be linked to results

The J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation says it will link the final $4.5 million in Schoolnet grants to progress on “measurable benchmarks.”